Buffalo Botanical Gardens Ticketing Redesign

ROLE: initial testing, user flow, lo-fi wireframing, hi-fi prototype 

DURATION: December 2020


The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens is a botanical garden and conservatory that has been open to the public since 1900. It’s a popular destination for tourists and locals to visit all year round due to their vast array of plants and greenery located in its multiple greenhouses. 

Due to Erie County falling under the Orange Zone (as of December 2020 according to the NY Forward Plan), eTickets have been encouraged for admission for The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. This ensures visitors are able to enter the limited capacity gardens.

This was a self-lead redesign project completed in December 2020.

Click here to view the interactive prototype



Initial research was conducted on the original Botanical Gardens ticketing page. The calendar where potential visitors select their date or event can make better usage of screen size. Time is also preselected, rather than allowing users to choose the time they would like to check-in. The billing portion does not adhere to the rest of the ticketing process, adding a different color scheme and making users reinput information that was already asked.

Shows the initial calendar page where users need to select a calendar date/event



Create an easier viewing experience and efficient usage of screen space when selecting a reservation date


Allow users to choose their reservation time during the process


Develop a more cohesive and simplified experience overall


User flows were created to get a better understanding of the process of creating and completing reservations to attend the botanical gardens. 


Wireframes were created using Balsamiq to test out potential layouts and components. 


Cohesive Theme

The billing and checkout process follows the theme found throughout the application. All necessary inputs are on one page as well, allowing users to view both personal and billing information that was inputted before completing their order.

Streamlined Process

A more simple and cohesive experience was made when selecting the date and time of the event.

Users are now able to have the choice of selecting their preferred check-in time after selecting the date/event rather than having it preselected. The time selection also makes a better usage of screen space.


This was my first individual interface redesign project where I was able to deepen my understanding of Balsamiq and Figma. If I could improve on this prototype, I would like to further expand on the “edit cart” functionality and would like to conduct more user tests. I would also consider darkening the background when there are pop ups to create more contrast.